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Lairg Magazine

Following the first lockdown of the Covid 19 pandemic -  a time of uncertainty, confusion and worry – we thought it would be a good idea to  create a fun magazine to keep the community informed and to keep everybody motivated. Initially the magazine was published weekly then bi-weekly, but from 2021,  the magazine will be published monthly (on the second Thursday of every month).

Please see below for past issues of the magazine. If you would like to contribute to the magazine by providing articles, photos, news etc - please get in contact by emailing or call 07961 372427. If you know someone who is not online who you think may like a copy, please could you ask them if they would like one to be delivered and let us have their addresses.

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Lairg Magazine Issue 70 June 24.pdf26 June 202412104kB
Lairg Magazine Issue 69 May 24.pdf29 May 202412168kB
Lairg Magazine Issue 68 April 24.pdf02 May 20244067kB
Lairg Magazine Issue 67 March 24.pdf14 May 20245633kB
Lairg Magazine Issue 66 February 24.pdf14 May 20244707kB
Lairg Magazine Issue 65 January 24.pdf14 May 20244092kB
Lairg Magazine Issue 64 November 23.pdf22 November 20232844kB
Lairg Magazine Issue 63 October 23.pdf20 October 20235300kB
Lairg Magazine Issue 62 August 23.pdf11 October 20236888kB
Lairg Magazine issue 61 June 23.pdf30 June 20232551kB
Lairg Magazine issue 60 May 23.pdf02 June 20235948kB
Lairg Magazine issue 59 April 23.pdf20 April 20234608kB
Lairg Magazine issue 58 March 23.pdf23 March 20234500kB
lairg_magazine_winterfest_issue_28.pdf19 November 20203495kB
lairg_magazine_issue_57_february_23.pdf24 February 20234243kB
lairg_magazine_issue_56_january_23.pdf19 January 20236592kB
lairg_magazine_issue_55_december_22.pdf20 December 20225590kB
lairg_magazine_issue_54_november_22.pdf24 November 20224728kB
lairg_magazine_issue_53_october_22.pdf13 October 20226081kB
lairg_magazine_issue_52_september_22.pdf15 September 20222725kB
lairg_magazine_issue_51_august_22.pdf25 August 20225103kB
lairg_magazine_issue_50_july_22.pdf21 July 20225090kB
lairg_magazine_issue_49_june_22.pdf24 June 20226447kB
lairg_magazine_issue_48_jubilee_june_22.pdf06 June 20225895kB
lairg_magazine_issue_47_may_22.pdf19 May 20225633kB
lairg_magazine_issue_46_april_22.pdf21 April 20224169kB
lairg_magazine_issue_45_march_22.pdf23 March 20224533kB
lairg_magazine_issue_44_feb_22.pdf17 February 20225510kB
lairg_magazine_issue_43_jan_22.pdf20 January 20224848kB
lairg_magazine_issue_42_dec_21.pdf09 December 20213759kB
lairg_magazine_issue_41.pdf11 November 20215797kB
lairg_magazine_issue_40.pdf14 October 20214101kB
lairg_magazine_issue_39.pdf16 September 20214933kB
lairg_magazine_issue_38_insert_ _project_update.pdf19 August 20218198kB
lairg_magazine_issue_38.pdf19 August 20214316kB
lairg_magazine_issue_37.pdf08 July 20214491kB
lairg_magazine_issue_36.pdf10 June 20213835kB
lairg_magazine_issue_35.pdf13 May 20215657kB
lairg_magazine_issue_34.pdf06 April 20214301kB
lairg_magazine_issue_33.pdf11 March 20214579kB
lairg_magazine_issue_32.pdf10 February 20214699kB
lairg_magazine_issue_31.pdf14 January 20213800kB
lairg_magazine_issue_29.pdf03 December 20202080kB
lairg_magazine_issue_26.pdf15 October 20202921kB
lairg_magazine_issue_25.pdf01 October 20203544kB
lairg_magazine_issue_24.pdf17 September 20203781kB
lairg_magazine_issue_23.pdf03 September 20204167kB
lairg_magazine_issue_20.pdf06 August 20201096kB
lairg_magazine_issue_2_final_pdf.pdf31 March 20201238kB
lairg_magazine_issue_19_ .pdf29 July 2020962kB
lairg_magazine_final.pdf24 March 20201044kB
lairg_magazine_9.0.pdf20 May 20201658kB
lairg_magazine_8.0.pdf13 May 20203522kB
lairg_magazine_7.0_draft.pdf06 May 2020836kB
lairg_magazine_6.0_final.pdf29 April 20201026kB
lairg_magazine_5.0.pdf22 April 20201060kB
lairg_magazine_4.0.pdf16 April 2020939kB
lairg_magazine_3.0_final.pdf07 April 2020788kB
lairg_magazine_22_v3.pdf20 August 20207119kB
lairg_magazine_18.pdf23 July 20204059kB
lairg_magazine_17.pdf16 July 20202335kB
lairg_magazine_16.pdf09 July 20201550kB
lairg_magazine_15.pdf02 July 20201865kB
lairg_magazine_14.pdf25 June 20201757kB
lairg_magazine_13.pdf18 June 20201990kB
lairg_magazine_12.pdf11 June 20201949kB
lairg_magazine_11.pdf04 June 20201585kB
lairg_magazine_10.0.pdf28 May 20202107kB